On July 13, 1859, a petition bearing 22 names was presented to the Grand Lodge, seeking authority to form Manahatta Lodge.

On August 5, 1859, the Grand Lodge issued a dispensation and the Lodge was instituted at Grand and Clinton Streets as Manahatta Lodge No. 489, U. D.

Manahatta Lodge was instituted under a dispensation signed by R.:W.: John W. Simons, Deputy Grand Master, on August 13, 1859, at Botanic Hall, East Broadway. The petition was signed by twenty-two brethren and was recommended by Doric Lodge, No. 280. Henry W. Hibbard was the First Master; Henry A. Nelson was Senior Warden and Francis P. Baker was Junior Warden.

The name Manahatta is of American Indian origin and is derived from mana [an island] and atin [a hill], signifying a hilly island. 

In 1976, Hiram Lodge No. 449 and Manahatta Lodge No. 489 were consolidated and presently known as Manahatta Lodge No. 449.

A pendant celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Manahatta Lodge No. 489 (now Manahatta Lodge No. 449), suspended by a loop from a cloth cord with a wooden bead.